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Tale of Two Villages

A Tale Of Two Villages – A Socialist Parable

There were two villages in separate valleys.  The first village was called Utopia and the second village was called the Gulch.  Both…

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California’s $52B Regressive Tax Bait And Switch

“Create the chaos and then offer the way to restore order.”, David Icke, author of “The Biggest Secret” California Governor Jerry Brown…

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Statue Of Liberty Landmark

America’s Baby Bust – Busted. Immigrants Are The Answer And The Next Generation Of Entrepreneurs

The Wall Street Journal posted a very interesting article talking about “America’s Baby Bust” by Jonathan V. Last.   The one sentence summary…

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Navy SEAL Training Team work Cooperation

How to run a startup like a SEAL Platoon

Start off every day at 4 am by forcing everyone to jump in 50 degree water, roll around in the sand, and…

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